Hyde Park Fine Arts Students Get "Footloose"

http://www.hpbs.org/uploads/NEWS_footloosecouple.jpgHyde Park Fine Arts Department Puts on “Footloose: The Musical”
by HP Senior Scott Shaver
On Thursday and Saturday nights, the 29th and 31st of March, the Hyde Park Fine Arts Department presented “Footloose: The Musical” to great reviews and an ecstatic crowd. An exciting mix of storytelling and comedy makes “Footloose” a great musical for all ages. http://www.hpbs.org/uploads/NEWS_footlooseboys.jpgThe cast, led by HP seniors Kyle Cook and Stephanie Bradley playing Ren McCormack and Ariel Moore respectively, told the story of a new kid from Chicago who changes the small town of Bomont for the better, teaching and learning lessons about grace, peace and joy the whole way. When asked about participating in the Hyde Park Fine Arts musical, lead actress Stephanie Bradley stated, “Working with such a great cast in this production made it an amazing experience for my senior year!” With large chorus numbers such as “Footloose” and “I’m Free” and other hit songs like “Mama Says” and “I Can’t Stand Still,” the cast and crew of “Footloose” put on an excellent performance. http://www.hpbs.org/uploads/NEWS_footloosekyle.jpgWith direction from Director Lynn Kent and Musical Director Kristen Acker, the show was a resounding success. Hyde Park senior Chad Herring, who played small town, country boy Willard Hewitt and has been a part of Hyde Park productions for four years, said, “Footloose was really fun to be a part of. The cast put in a lot of hard work and I was really proud of the result.” All involved were proud of the result.